Get the ball of success in your court with CRM Software Solution

CRM is a term defined as a tool to manage all your customers’ and contacts information in one place and tracks all the relevant activities.  It is a software that is used to manage your partner and vendor relationships. Alrasmyat is offering CRM Software Solution in order to manage all the operations. This software stores important data for sales, marketing, customer service purposes and effectively used to manage the campaigns build for the customers.

With the implementation of Alrasmyat CRM software Solution, it becomes quite easier to manage and share customer information, keep records of sales activities and purchase history, identify revenue, deliver effective customer service and track your progress as per your goals. The core features of Alrasmyat Cloud CRM Software Solution are as follow;

  1. Integration with existing technology implemented
  2. Improved visibility into the company’s data and processes for more predictable and manageable business operations
  3. Consolidated information in a centralized system due to cloud
  4. Ability to create custom reports efficiently and modify rules of the overall system
  5. Improved customer service and efficiency due to increased responsiveness
  6. Non-duplication of data
  7. Improved information synchronization resulting in increased productivity
  8. Better sales performance
  9. Better targeted and more efficient marketing
  • Data consolidation

The data consolidation is considered as one of the important part in any software. All the organizations these days are trying to adopt a software that could manage their data well. Alrasmyat CRM Software Solution is offering the best data consolidation with which all the information is being managed in a centralized way. When the data is organized, the access to the information becomes convenient. Organizational goals can be achieved with the use of this software as it automates all the process related to your customers. It helps to satisfy the customers’ needs.

  • Improve Sales Execution

Normally when it comes to sales, it opportunities are falling through the cracks because you have no way to track them or manage the selling cycle starting from the initial introduction to closure. Alrasmyat offers Cloud CRM Software solution within a Cloud ERP Software which allow you to automate the overall sales process. This software allows you to take an active approach during the sales process leading to more wins.

Address: Alrasmyat, 4th floor-City Tower, Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques Road, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

Phone: 00966-13845-4267


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