Inventory Management Software: Why Build When You can buy?

An Inventory Management Software combines the use of desktop software, bar code scanners, bar code printers, and mobile devices to streamline the management of inventory and all the inventory related operations. So when you are tracking inventory used to perform a service to the customers or selling to the customers, with the use of an efficient inventory software, it offers staff accountability and minimizes inventory stock outs.

Alrasmyat Inventory Management Software is offering a set of benefits to its users while some of them are listed below;

  • Create purchase orders
  • Receive, relocate, adjust, & dispose inventory
  • Create sales orders
  • Pick, pack and ship
  • Physical inventory counts and cycle counts
  • Create, run, schedule and share reports
  • Print barcode labels

These are some factors that should be considered while adopting a new Inventory Management Software;

  • Budget

When your company considers building a comprehensive solution from scratch, it is very important to factor in all costs – even those you might unexpectedly incur. Hiring engineers is expensive which will enhance your overall costs. Often these projects take far longer than expected to complete, which results in the added opportunity loss of being unable to actually use the software until much later than initially anticipated. Moreover, you will want to test and optimize, which takes time and money and that is something that effects the overall efficiency of your business. So, with the use of Alrasmyat Inventory Management Software, you can cut down the costs of the projects with this efficient set of software.

  • Technical Support

Technical support is something that is not being offered by every service provider. When you purchase software, you don’t need technical resources on your end to ensure it will always work and always be evolving and responding rapidly to market changes. Alrasmyat Inventory Management Software is designed to support your business growth. Our team is always active to provide the technical support to its customers (which are using this software) and helps to upgrade their software so that they don’t need to suffer due to this.


Address: Alrasmyat, 4th floor-City Tower, Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques Road, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

Phone: 00966-13845-4267


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