Why Should You Invest in Asset Management Software to Track Fixed Assets?

Asset Management Software is considered as a business practice that includes managing and optimizing the purchase, deployment and maintenance of your assets within your organization. Asset Management Software is particularly important for large scale organizations to track and manage their assets in an effective way.

  • Are your fixed Assets Secured?

This is one of the important question which always comes to every business owner that whether your fixed assets are secured or not? When you are fully unaware with the exact location and status of your fixed assets it makes your life much easier and minimize the rate to become lost or stolen. The results can be time lost in locating them, a great loss in productivity and the wasted cost of replacing missing assets. Alrasmyat Asset Management Software is providing a software solution to secure your fixed assets.

  • Why is manual Asset Auditing Inadequate?

When it comes to manual auditing system, there would be a great chance of numerous errors and this task would a very time-consuming. While contrary to this, scanning barcode labeled assets and storing this information in Alrasmyat Asset Management Software with barcodes drastically reduces time and errors.

This asset tracking software makes it easy to identify, find, and update the location of all tracked assets electronically, so that less chance of error occurring take place into your database.

  • Why is the need of mobile Asset Software?

With Alrasmyat Asset Management Software with mobile solution, you can now track assets by location. You can implement regular asset maintenance scheduling and can also access each item’s transaction history.

Auditing and accountability features are yet another form of asset protection provided by Alrasmyat Asset Management Software. Information by asset allows you to track;

  1. Location
  2. Check-in / Check-out
  3. Due-date and Due-time
  4. Maintenance schedule
  5. Transaction history

Hence, Alrasmyat Asset Management Software package is catering all the needs of small to mid-sized companies, educational institutions, healthcare and medical centers, government agencies (police, fire, EMT) and legal/financial institutions.  This software package gives you the ability to be immediately aware of asset location and status, providing control over fixed assets needed to run an organization in a more productive manner.


Address: Alrasmyat, 4th floor-City Tower, Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques Road, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

Phone: 00966-13845-4267


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