Start a new Journey towards Success with the purchase of Warehouse Management Software

You are in a market where all the businesses are implementing the new technologies, processes and methods for the betterment of their production and revenue. As you might have already learned, researching, investigating and deciding upon a software product and provider can be a lengthy and time-consuming process.

While the journey of each buyer of a software is entirely unique, Erpisto Warehouse Management Software is the best option for any kind of business. It helps to manage operations effectively related to warehouse which includes order taking, order shipping and order delivery. So let’s start with the steps that every shopper will likely undertake when purchasing an effective Warehouse Management Software;

  1. Building a List

Not surprisingly but it is obvious, your first step is to Google “Warehouse Management Software.” So with this simple search in the search engine, you will get pages of results depicting several products. You will also find some helpful site links that have already compiled a relevant list for you. Perhaps the best method is to build an initial list to attend an industry trade show. Every trade association holds a conference from where you could learn best practices while meeting potential WMS vendors.

  1. Reviewing Marketing Materials

The list of WMS providers that you have short-listed will include a wide range of systems, so starting from best-of-breed WMS solutions that control every aspect of operations within the boundary of your warehouse, to inventory control systems with more basic receiving and picking functionality.

As you start reviewing the materials, ask yourself these list of questions:

  • Is this software a fit with our current operations?
  • Is this software a fit with our current technology?
  • Does this software support our special processes, like Vendor Managed Inventory?
  • Does this software provide the ability for our company to grow functionally and technologically?

While looking at a high level, core functionality should fit with your current operational needs. As the core functionality of a WMS is largely consistent within product tiers, it will become much easier for you to identify if the product is a fit as you progress through your list.

  1. Speaking with the Salespeople

So with the newly trimmed list of software providers, you should reach out to each vendor that made to introduce your organization and learn more about their product.


You have to be prepared to describe what you would like the software to do for you and what type of investment you are willing to make. Get a brief idea of whether the system is flexible enough to work in your current IT environment. You might also need to discuss that what type of mobile technology will be supported with WMS like Windows Mobile, iOS and Android devices.


Erpisto Warehouse Management Software will best fit with the all above queries driven by your company and address all the issues of your business.


Address: PO BOX 31952, Alrasmyat office Level 22, Al Hugayet TowerKing Abdul Aziz StreetKhubar, KSA.
Phone: 00966-13-845-4267


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