Best Practices for On & Off Boarding of Asset Management Software

Asset Management Software is a business practice that involves managing and optimizing the purchase of your business, for the deployment, for maintenance, for utilization and disposal of software within an organization. Fundamentally intended to be a part of business, the goals of software technology is to reduce IT costs and maximizing your employees’ and end-user productivity.

When you are running an enterprise, you are always keen to make processes easier for your employees that include software for small parts or for large parts and have the ability to be automated.

  • Make Sure your software is Up-to-Date

When you are using Erpisto Asset management Software, you are on top of all the software that your employees are currently using. A new employee is going to need that laptop, and it will probably need to be reformatted to fit their specific needs. This software ensures that every device on your network is updated and up-graded.

  • Automate Everything

Beyond an Asset Management Software, you can build on and off boarding processes into your service catalog that will help automate everything in your business. For instance, once the employee has handed you all their devices, you can mark it as “done,” which will then notify HR that the employee is ready for them. Moreover, let’s say you can help a new employee set up their voicemail. After you have marked that done, their manager will get a notification so that they are able to know that they can step in and help them with the rest of the steps on their first day at work. It is just another way that this Erpisto Asset Management Software can make your work day a whole lot easier.

  • Putting out Files

When an employee leaves, often they do not always tell you if something is not working right. To be very honest, employees in generally fall into two categories: Those that always think something needs to be fixed and those that would not ask you to help until the very last minute. For all of these cases, it is very helpful if there is an easy and escape way for you to check in on the asset they are using

For your existing employees, the service desk is an easy way for them to request your help. Instead of people coming over to your desk and tracking you down all the day long, they can simply contact you or utilize the self-service portal that is online portal in the Erpisto Asset Management Software to resolve their issues.


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